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Steam Sauna Executive Series ES 7.5 Commercial Generators - Better Health Saunas

Steam Sauna Executive Series ES 7.5 Commercial Generators

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- Payback Period:  Recover your cost in ~ 18 months.

- Suitable for a steamroom size of up to 1000 cubic feet.
- Available in 208-600V, single/three-phase.
- Microprocessor-controlled multistage operation.
- 100% digital, most advanced water level sensing with a self-correction system.
- Exclusive dual water inlet construction.
- Dual steam outlet construction makes super-quiet smooth steam.
-Exclusive multicycle self-cleaning system.
- Built-in drain cooling system meets building codes.
- No cooldown tank required.
- Incoloy 800 industry-grade heating elements and stainless steel boiling tank.

Operating Pressure:  Atmospheric.

Electrical 240 or 208 Volts, 3-Phase.
Output:  7.5 KW c/w double integrated biling system.
Self-Cleaning System Connect to the city water line. Automatically power flushes the tank using city water pressure.  Repeats the cycle 10 times.
Dimensions:  9” Wide, 27” Long & 19” High (working)
Clearance:  Approximately 36" above floor on a shelf. Face access panel forward with a minimum 4" clearance on both sides of the machine.
Electronic Control Module Contains a PC board that is the control for the pressured power flush cycles, 2-in-1 system/ ‘‘Stand-by’’ mode, and water level, using a specific application factory-preset microprocessor.
Thermostat Electronic room temperature controller and electronic sensor.
Operational Water Feed:   ¼” copper tube - Field-install a shutoff valve and inline filter.