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Steam Sauna Commander Series CS15 Residential Generators - Better Health Saunas

Steam Sauna Commander Series CS15 Residential Generators

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Steam Delivery:  Adjustable

Range:  500 to 700 cu. ft.

SpecialThe most compact and advanced machine.


Operating Pressure:  Atmospheric.
Electrical:  240 Volts, Single-Phase 
Output:  15 KW 
Amps:  63 
Cu. Ft. Range:  700 
Dimensions:  25" x 9" x 10"  (L x W x H)

Water Feed:  ¼” copper tube.
Electronic Control Module:  Contains a PC board that controls the heating unit, water level, and flush drain using a specific application, factory-preset microprocessor with a 90-min. auto shutoff safety feature.
Elements: Low-density industrial incoloy heating elements.
Operational Supply Valve:  One - ¼” c/w compression connector for ¼” tube.
Auto Flush Valve:  1/2” c/w compression connector for ½” copper pipe.

Steam Outlet Pipe(s):  3/4" c/w compression connector for 3/4" copper pipe.

Safety Relief Valve:  10 PSI or less, 3/4" outlet for safety relief valve.

Shipping Weight:  30 lbs.