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Outdoor Classic Style Sauna - Better Health Saunas
Outdoor Classic Style Sauna - Better Health Saunas

Outdoor Classic Style Sauna

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Outdoor Traditional Sauna

Our outdoor saunas work great in any climate. Whether you are in Canada, Alaska, California or Florida you can enjoy these saunas outdoors. With our outdoor traditional saunas, there are two styles to choose from, Traditional Outdoor Sauna or Country Barrel Sauna. Each sauna is Canadian made from the finest western red cedar.

The classic model offers a look and feel similar to our indoor models. While it comes in two standard sizes, custom sizes and shapes are also available for those looking for a sauna room built to their needs. Our sauna models made for the outdoors come with the same durable and easy-to-install construction our indoor models feature.

Our outdoor sauna models are durable and constructed with an easy-to-install design that our indoor saunas contain.


  • Available Sizes: 7ft x 5ft & 6ft x 6ft (Overall Height 8ft)
  • 2x6 Tongue & Grove cedar walls.
  • 2 tier straight cedar benches.
  • Cedar heater fence and cedar slats for walking area of sauna.
  • (Open floor concept)
  • Unfinished pitched roof with venting.
  • Solid cedar door with window.
  • Saunacore 6000 watt Special Edition sauna heater with built-in controls & rocks.
  • Vapor light fixture included.