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Fitness and Recovery


Meditation & Spirituality

Many find strength and inner peace from quiet meditation, and the tranquility and solitude of the sauna can be an ideal venue.  Saunas and sweat rooms/lodges have long been a source of introspection & relaxation and have been used in longstanding meditative rituals all around the world.  The traditional sweat rituals of the Navajo Indians play a central role in their religion and have been used for thousands of years in the search for greater mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

That said, even to the non-spiritual bodies among us, the practice of sweating can be one of release, both literally and symbolically. The human body can manifest anger, sadness, depression, fear and tension, and even produce chemical toxins in response to these attitudinal shifts. In encouraging the body to completely relax through heat therapy, endorphin release is commonly stimulated, which in turn eases negative emotions and energy, in the pursuit of clarity.

Quiet introspections can help clarify your goals and needs and help to identify and eliminate barriers in the way of attaining them. 

Stress Relief

Stress and the demands of daily life can wreak havoc on both the physiological and psychological systems of the human body. Allowing this diffusion can often result in further increased anxiety. A good sweat in the sauna however, can break this cycle and permit an opportunity to relax, reboot, and recharge the mind & body.

The body will often manifest stress as muscle tension, leading to pain, soreness and headaches. Warming the muscles can help restore balance, by allowing them to relax and expand. This releases built-up lactic acid, and has been linked with significant boosts in mood, energy and immunity.

By making time for a long sauna session, you empower the mind to quiet inner noise and distraction, break away from the chaos of daily life, allowing for recharge and refuel.

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