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Toxins and pollutants


Healthier Skin

You can naturally revive and refresh the look of your skin through regular sweating, which continually flushes contaminants from the dermal layer and brings fresh blood and nutrients to the surface. In addition, consistent sweating can improve the texture, tone and clarity of skin, reduce the effects of sun damage, and even slow the aging process.  

Enabling the pores to open fully and allow sweating transports dead skin cells and other impurities away, and your sweat can also have small measures of antibiotics which fight dermal bacteria and boost the cleansing process.  At the same time, improved circulation brings more nutrient-rich blood to the surface, allowing key vitamins and minerals to permeate the spaces between skin cells and remove small wrinkles, while preventing collagen breakdown in the future. This enhanced blood circulation can also potentially relieve psoriasis, eczema, acne, lesions, cellulite, scars and stretch marks.

Fitness & Endurance

Did you know that an hour-long sweat can produce a workout similar to 16km of jogging? With relative ease, sauna sessions can provide the opportunity to maintain and even expand cardiovascular health, even for those who struggle to exercise regularly. Similarly, for even the most rigorous athlete, sauna can be an ideal add-on to training since it supports heart strength and endurance, while also relieving muscle tension.

Increasing your body’s temperature will cause a boost in cardiac output in response. Beats-per-minute increases, strengthening and training cardiac muscles, but also leading to accelerated blood circulation, and aiding in sweat production. Increases in metabolic rate can also be attained, in concert with a drop in diastolic blood pressure, which further develops cardiovascular fitness.

Muscle Growth

In the past, the sauna has largely been known for its cleansing and relaxation effects. Increasingly though, in today’s world more attuned to health and wellness, saunas are being used to achieve specific fitness goals.  When subjected to heat, your body will gradually adapt and adjust, stimulating numerous beneficial changes. One key adaptation is increased plasma volume and blood flow to the heart and muscles, leading to a rise in athletic endurance, but also increased muscle mass. This is in large part, due to higher levels of growth hormone, and heat-shock proteins.

If you are pumping iron in your workouts, you may also find it beneficial to your goals to integrate sauna into the routine!

Weight Loss

Sweating does indeed contribute to loss of water weight, which is easily replenished through a diligent routine of hydration before, during and after your sauna. The calories burned via sweating, on the other hand, are not easily replenished!  The rapid caloric burn from sweating also helps to boost metabolism, permitting a faster burn rate which can be sustained even after your session is over. Furthermore, to protect vital organs & tissues from exposure and damage, fat deposits often have stored toxins within them. Sweating aids in the excretion of these toxins, allowing your body to freely and gradually reduce the fat that was hitherto required as a defensive measure.

We all know exercise is at the heart of a healthy lifestyle. However, additional research findings note that it may be possible to burn a similar number of calories with a hot bath or with jogging.  In a study comparing one-hour stints in a hot bath with bike riding, both activities were found to lower the levels of blood sugar and burn the same number of calories. This should also apply to sauna sessions, as the reasoning behind these results was increase in body temperature. While a regimen of physical activity shouldn’t be fully substituted by passive heating, these results to suggest that sauna can be complementary to a healthy active lifestyle.

Better Sleep

The new always on, always connected world results in many of us being deprived of the consistent and restful slumber that the human body requires.  Good mental and physical health relies on quality deep sleep; however, we are often exposed to recurring tension and stress which make it difficult to find relaxation, even while sleeping.  Since various internal cleansing and cellular repair functions are performed during our sleep, an overaccumulation of toxins can also limit the body’s ability to rest completely.

Sauna sessions help to detox the body and mind by unwinding tense muscles, invigorating the repair process, purging waste, and calming the psyche.  Many feel a sense if immediate refreshment after long sessions, which enable the body to catch up on the requisite overnight tasks noted above. For those who indulge in longer sessions, the following three nights usually feature more restful and deep sleep. Those who have injected sauna into their regular routine often attest to reductions in insomnia and general restlessness.

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