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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the health benefits of Saunas?

A: There are numerous benefits to your body’s health and wellness that saunas can provide! To name a few: Healthier Skin, Fitness & Endurance, Muscle Growth, Weight Loss and Better Sleep. Check out our health and wellness page here for more details.

Q: Is a regular trip to the sauna something I should add to my beauty routine?  Will it help rejuvenate my skin?

A: There are indeed many positive effects of sauna lifestyle on your overall beauty regime. The cleansing and detoxification helps provide glow and vitality, and can also moisturize and help keep your skin in fantastic shape. Click here to read more about how saunas can beautify our skin.

Q: I’ve heard that saunas can help provide a path to stress relief and spiritual enlightenment, is this true?

A: Yes absolutely! The tranquility and solitude of your very own sauna can be a source of strength and introspection, whether you seek stress relief or spiritual illumination. Check out our page here for more info on saunas and your mind, soul and spirit!

Q: Are newer model saunas more energy efficient? What are the major differences between ‘old’ saunas and ‘new’ saunas?

A: There are many key differences between new infrared saunas and the traditional style, application of radiant heat vs. convection heat being the biggest. For more info on these subtleties, including a quick calculation comparing the relative cost of traditional vs. infrared sauna sessions, click here.

Q: This new sauna technology uses infrared radiation, but isn’t radiation bad for my health?

A: Not in this case, no. Infrared radiation may sound hazardous and unhealthy, but there is a common misconception which confuses infrared radiation (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. We encounter infrared radiation every minute of every day, as it is the heat provided by the sun that we feel all around us.  Want to know more about the science behind our sauna products?  Head on over to our Science & Technology page for more details!

 Q: I already have access to a sauna; do you have any tips & tricks on how I can get the best experience?

A: You have come to the right place for tips and best practices!  First and foremost, always listen to your body. The therapeutic effects of heat exposure can be wonderful, but always be diligent about drinking water before, during and after any sauna session. Click here for our list of tips, whether you’re looking to maximize relaxation, or your overall health & wellness.

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