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About Us

Who we are

We’re a company of professionals with decades of practice in technical support and quality woodworking. Our specialty is building and designing the best sauna experiences for home or commercial use.

What we provide

Our wide assortment of sauna products features best-in-class quality and craftsmanship. We are proud to offer Canadian-made and environmentally conscious designs, maximizing energy efficiency through quality insulation materials and expertly crafted heating & ventilation systems. We believe integrating sauna sessions into your lifestyle is a key enabler of improved health and longevity.

How we do it

In addition to our foundation of quality craftsmanship, you can trust our knowledgeable and experienced staff to assist with your project every step of the way. We are pleased to offer specialized services, whether you’re buying new, in need of service or repair of your existing sauna, looking for replacement parts or accessories, or interested in do-it-yourself advice, we are here to help!

Why you should choose us

Our team of professional technicians and craftsmen ensures you get the best service and advice. You can trust in our expert knowledge of the industry and leave the details to us, so that you can focus on enjoying the unique experience and relaxation that regular sauna sessions provide. Come visit us today!